Who can attend classes at Irondequoit Martial Arts?

Our classes are open to students as young as 3 years old. There is no age limit, so don’t let that stop you from trying a class!

What kind of karate do you teach?

We teach Isshin Ryu karate that traces it’s origins to the island of Okanawa, Japan. We are proud to be members of the organization founded by Grand Master Angi Uezu, the Okinawan Isshin Ryu Karate and Kobudo Association, or O.I.K.K.A.

Who will be teaching the classes?

All of our instructors have devoted countless hours to their own study of Isshin Ryu and are regular students in our dojo. With countless years of unique experience and training at their disposal, we are sure you or your child are in the best hands. Best of all, our owner and head instructor Sensei Mark Shavron leads all classes regularly. 

Read more about Sensei Mark

How often can I/my child attend class?

Great question! We do not restrict students who want to learn! We offer all classes 5 days per week. All students are welcome to attend as many or as few as they would like!

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I don’t live in Irondequoit, can I still train at your school?

Of course! We welcome all students who wish to come and learn!

What if my child or I lose interest? How long is my contract for?

We hate to see you go, but there is great news! We know how frustrating it is to be locked into a payment for something you are not using. We are pleased to say we strive to prevent that headache.

We accept enrollments with NO CONTRACTS! 

What does it cost to join IMA?

You can start with a one week trial for just $60. This includes a gi (our uniform) and you are welcome to attend as many classes as you like.

If you choose to join IMA we charge $150 per month, and you are always welcome to attend as many classes as you like.