About Our Sensei

IMA was founded by Sensei Mark Shavron in 2007. Over the years, IMA has grown and impacted the lives of many individuals and strives to positively impact many more through the teaching of Isshin-Ryū karate and self-defence training.

Sensei Mark Shavron

Master Kelly Cere

Master Kelly Cere

Sensei Edwin Vega

Sensei Matt Koetz

Matt Koetz started training in 2013 after watching his son in class for several months. He earned his black belt in 2016, and was promoted to second degree (nidan) in 2018, and third degree (sandan) in 2023. His two children have also achieved the rank of black belt. He enjoys teaching math at his day job at Nazareth University and karate at IMA.

Sensei Katy Christman

Sensei Mike Leonard

Mike Leonard started training in late 2019 after becoming tired of watching his kids have all the fun at the dojo. In 2023, he was awarded his blackbelt. In his time outside the dojo, Mike makes and sells traditional martial arts weapons and is a visual artist who oversees operations for the Studio Art program at the University of Rochester.

Sensei Olivia Rodriguez